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Carolin Britz
Carolin Britz loves to travel. And she loves to take pictures.

The Art Director who was born in 1984 in Aachen, Germany, has lived in more than 6 countries and traveled many more. Especially South East Asia, Japan, and Mexico found their way into Caro's heart. She is looking forward to returning there and seeing many more places around the world.

"I love to experience new cultures. Meeting people who speak different languages, eating food I've never tried in my life, and seeing landscapes more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Mother Nature is such a perfectionist. Sometimes when seeing a plant or a landscape in a great lighting, I wonder how it's even possible to create such beauty."

After working in advertising and design for many years, Carolin Britz is now focusing more on being a Photographer. Not only does she love taking pictures and sharing the experience with others. She also enjoys being outdoors in the real world more than sitting in front of her computer. Well, at least not all day long.

Enjoy a little tour around the world with me, leave comments on my facebook page, and email me questions!